How To Retrieve Error Codes On 1992 Toyota Pickup?

Basically When the Check engine light Comes Up there is Error code Stored in cars computer System.In that ECU/ECM needs to be scanned.There are many Local Auto parts Stores Who can get you Retrieve the code for Free.The Auto parts Stores like Autozone, napa and others.But Actually they have the OBDII scan facility for After 1995 Year car/truck models.In case of Vehicle manufactured before Year 1995 they don't have Scanning Facility.

In this case you have to get the scanning done by the Auto parts Store Who has OBDI scan tool or You have Buy the OBD1 Scan tool to retrieve the codes.

But there is one more procedure to get the Error code retrieve,that is MANUAL method.

The Procedure is as follows:-----

In order to check for diagnostic codes this requires a jumper wire. In the small diagnostic box attached to the side of the fuse box by the battery at the terminals in the that you need to jumper. Open the lid of this box. Inside the lid you will find a map of the pins. Place a jumper wire between T/TE one and E1. Then turn the key to the on position and monitor the flash pattern of the check engine light. For example a code 12 will flash once a slight pause then two flashes. If there are additional codes they will follow. After 3 second pause the system will repeat itself.

This details will help.

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