Brake Warning Light Comes Up On Dash?

Brake Warning Light Comes up on dash,this is indication to check and inspect Brake System.The warning light is RED led light illuminating on Cars dash board panel.
When this light comes up while driving,its always advisable to first inspect the brake system instead of driving the vehicle.Its dangerous to drive the vehicle with Brake warning light on dash.

What are the basic reasons for Brake Warning Light to Come Up on dash?

This light comes up due to multiple reasons related to brake system.But in most of cases this brake warning is ON,due to low brake fluid or the Emergency brake system is Activated and not Turned off.The Brake System is divided into two parts.Front brake system and rear brake system.The Brake fluid which runs into the brake system provides hydraulic pressure to activate the brake caliper or wheel cylinder when brake pedal is pressed.If Any of the brake system Front or rear is not receiving that required hydraulic pressure then Brake warning indicator will be seen.

So first inspect the brake fluid in the brake Reservoir and also check the Emergency brake System,if its activated then Turn o\it Off or Deactivate it.

Any more other Possibility for Brake Warning Light On Dash?

Yes,other that check for any brake fluid leak.The fluid leak from brake pads or at master cylinder. Also inspect the condition of brake pads.If the front brake pads are worn the brake fluid level will be low in the master cylinder. This due to lesser amount of material remaining on the brake pads. If no leaks are present check the front and rear brake pads.If the brake pads are worn out,then replace it.
Master cylinder fails and can cause external leak.The seals on front or rear brake caliper fails and this cause brake fluid to leak.Wheel cylinder seals get rusted or corroded cylinder bore and cause Brake fluid leak.

From where the Brake Fluid Leaks?

In many cases its seen that brake fluid leaks.This leak can be slow drop by drop leak or it can be massive amount of fluid leak.

The Leak can be seen at any of the following parts.
Brake master cylinder reservoir,brake calipers or wheel cylinders or it can be from brake system flex hoses.

If you notice that brake pads are worn out,then its obvious that brake fluid will be low and that is due to worn out brake pads.

But Why this Happens?

This is noticed because when brake pads gets worn out they will not hold the brake fluid flow pressure and in return allow brake fluid to fill into the caliper instead of brake fluid remaining in the brake master cylinder reservoir.
So due to this if the brake system is not leaking and the fluid level is low check the front or rear brake pads.
Now once the brake pads are replaced recheck the fluid level, flush and bleed the system as needed this will help to confirm the leak is there or not.

Why Brake Fluid Leaks From Brake Hoses?

Yes.Its possible the brake hoses gets cracked or loose or worn out and can cause the leak.
The hose is made up of rubber reinforced to nylon material. The hose has three separate layers. Inner layer,between layer and outer layer.
The inner hose is brake fluid resistant rubber.Between layer is nylon mesh and outer layer of hose is weather resistant. At the End of each hose you will see metal fitting this fittings give them proper grip to hold the brake lines.But in most cases this is a common place for the brake hose to leak.

Repairing metallic brake lines?
It can be soldered cover by leak resistant material.But its not advisable,because this does not last long.This is just a temporary option.The metallic brake lines runs from master cylinder to brake system pats.The brake fluid in the master cylinder reservoir flow will such a heavy force that if the line is repaired then it will again get leaked also unwanted air can enter the brake system if line is cracked a bit.So repairing the metallic brake line is always advisable.

How to Take Regular Care Of My Cars Brake System?
What Maintenance should be takes to Keep Brake System Fine and working?

Every car part worn out by time and age.Gets rusted or corroded or cracked or in some cases breaks down in pieces.But As per brake system maintenance and service.The brake pads or shoes are the parts that needs to be inspected on regular basis.You can say inspect brake pads and shoes every 15 days.This part has life from 1month to 1 year but can fail any time in between.So checking the brake system part will always give you cen-percent idea about this part.If they are failed or near to failing.

As per Bare Service repair manual it says that most brake pads will last between 15,000 and 30,000 miles. But this all depends upon driving habit and conditions of the road on which the car is driven. Mostly Brake shoes are located on the rear of some cars. Drum brake gets more affected by water than brake discs and are not located on the front of any new vehicle.


This types of braking system are used to hold the car when its parked.
In many cases its seen that Hydraulic brake system failure is due to Failure in Emergency braking system.
The Emergency brake system is operated via rear brakes of the car.
In most of car models emergency brake system is VIA right foot lever on the driver’s side (and left foot level in European model cars.
The Braking system works by a pull handle.The brake system pull handle is located at the lower dash level on the driver’s side or a level between the drivers and passages seats.

This System does not require Hydraulic pressure to get operated.Its just the Brake System that's operated by Cables.The Level when pressed down By hand the Brakes gets De-Activated and when Pull up the Brake gets Activated.The Emergency brake System is indirectly connected to the Actual brake System which you Use by foot brake pedal.It is either used as part of the main brake shoes or a set of auxiliary shoes located to side of rear brake rotor.For this System the cables are used under the Pull Level to transfer the power from the emergency brake lever to the brake activation mechanism. An emergency brake is configured as a brake drum in most of vehicle models. 

What if i see Yellow or Orange Warning Light On Dash Board Panel?
This Lights illuminate on the cars or vehicle equipped with ABS Braking System.
When the Brake System fails you get RED warning light on Dash.But Yellow or orange light is Different from Red Warning light.

First of All ABS means Anti Brake Skid Brake system.
There is additional ABS function included in the Actual Braking System.
When the ABS system warning light comes on it means the ABS portion of the system has stopped working. In this condition you require a ABS scan tool.Which you can get at any local Auto part store.With the help of that scan tool you can retrieve the error codes stored in the cars computer system.Once the Error code is retrieved,that code will point out towards the faulty part,that is causing the Yellow or Orange ABS warning light to come ON.
So as per that you can get the faulty part replaced.The ABS system gets resets once the part is replaced.In some cases you need to reset the ABS system by Same ABS scan tool,after the part is replaced.

Please give me more Brake System Maintenance tips?

Brake fluid replacing/changing/filling.While doing any of this please make sure you use correct brake fluid which is recommended by the dealer or its mentioned in cars owners manual.Most car model use DOT3 or DOT4 brake fluid.But still get confirmation about your car,before replacing brake fluid. Aftermarket or cheap brake fluid will not have the capacity to get heated to the actual boiling temperature and due to this exact brake fluid pressure will not get created and braking problems will be noticed very frequently.
Some manufacturers have designed a silicone based fluid that is more resilient to heat and can outperform the petroleum based fluids. The brake fluid container should be air tight and stored in a cool dry place free from moisture.

Moisture is enemy to brake system parts.If you notice moisture is brake fluid or in brake lines then bleed the brake system.Due to moisture the brake components gets rusted inside also seal can get loose and loose the grip and at last fail.

In many cases its seen that due to moisture the master cylinder fails and needs to be replaced.
After the brake fluid is filled, don't forget to flush and bleed the system.Flushing clean the inside brake lines and bleed will remove any air in the brake lines.If air bubbles are not removed it can cause the brake system to have a low or spongy pedal. Too much air will not allow the entire brake system to work.

Many times after brake fluid leak problem or low brake fluid problem is solved.You will see that Brake warning light.The Read brake warning light is still ON.This is not due to any major problem.This light comes up because or proportioning valve.
The brake proportioning valve is not in its exact position due to the system leak.In this condition you need to reset the Valve. To reset this valve stop the car. With a stabbing motion push the brake pedal and release. This procedure will give jerk to the valve and push the valve plunger to the center of the valve and turn off the brake warning light.

This details will help you understand troubleshoot the Brake Warning Light Problem.


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