2004 Dodge Dakota: Exhaust Manifold Leaks?

Yes in most of cases the Exhaust manifold itself has to be replaced in such cases.

Mostly you will notice leak to the point where the muffler pipe meats.

On this years vehicle model it has a half-round donut gasket between the downpipe and exhaust manifold.
The ceramic donut is molded to manifold.

But, before you replace the manifold try this. Go to your local parts store and get a tube of muffler cement. Drop the exhaust pipe and coat the gasket with the muffler cement. Now, bolt the pipe back up to it and allow to dry for about 4 hours.

Now crank it up and see if it sealed the leak. Professional garage mechanics have got  lots of  success rate with this and saving  there customers alot of money.

But if its not helping then replacing the manifold is only option.

This details will help.

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