Before buying 2007 Toyota Camry SE model?

First of all i will say.If you are going for second hand or used car then some basic problem will be there.If the car is having no problem,then its very rare that car owner is selling it.In some cases you see that owner is going for new model car or if he is shifting from his place,then yes it can be other reason for selling the good condition car.
As per brand ,model and year Toyota Camry is very best car model.

BUT before buying this car
MAke sure there is no ticking from the engine on cold startup over night. There have been some issue with VVT controllers and such on bank one. These where mostly taken care of under warranty. If the car was driven where rust and corrosion is an issue check the calipers and holders for the pads on the rear brakes. Big trouble with the pads freezing in the holders and grinding up the rotors. That is about it. Just get service history on the car. Oil changes are everything on used car. If you can not find receipts or proof the car was maintained do not buy it. There are plenty of these out there that have been maintained well.

So this details will help.

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