All warning lights on Dash comes and engine will not crank over?

Just getting a click noise under hood while starting.The engine will not properly crank over.There is some power noticed but car will not start.
Already tried jump start ,but still no progress..

If all the warning lights are illuminating and it does not appear to be anything not functioning electrically the chances are that jump start was not performed properly.
May be it got jump at backwards and this blow several fuses.OR  If the click/clunk is coming from the engine itself it sounds like the starter contacts in the starter itself are going bad. It is either that or there's not enough current flow to keep the starter engage. If you can isolate where the noise is coming from more specifically that would be helpful. But based on detail to this point it sounds like the starter is not staying engaged or the contacts are bad in the starter that engage the solenoid. If a jumpstart with good cables and a good battery do not assist in getting the starter turning the engine over it's not likely a battery issue.But the starter problem.

Getting this possibilities checked.
This will help.

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