1994 Lexus GS300: Power seat will not go back?

The front passenger power seat is stuck up hard,it will move forward but no go back.
Basically it seems like the seat alignment is out of track.

You will need to remove the Seat out.

How to remove power seat out?
Its easy, there are 4-14mm head bolts that hold the seat down. One on each corner. They are covered with plastic covers that pop off with a screw driver. Once removed tip the seat back and you can access the tracks and disconnect the electrical connector to remove the seat.

But to remove seat holding bolts the seat should slide back and forth.If its not sliding then removing front bolts will be difficult and tough job.
The only option is to pop the covers and try to get a wrench in there. No easy task if the seat will not go back. The only option is to try and lift from the back and bend the front brackets slightly to see under the seat from the back.A very time consuming procedure.

Once the seat is off,you will need to inspect the moving gear parts and motor.

Not likely the motor but the drive gear may be worn. If it is moving then electrical portion ie the motor is good. Check for debris in the screw gear that runs the length of the track Make sure nothing has come loose.

Inspecting this details will help to resolve the problem for power seat not going reverse/back.

This details will help.

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