1992 Toyota Pickup: Speedometer Not Working?

If the Speedometer is Not working,there are few possibilities that can cause this problem.

As far as the speedometer goes this could be anything from the bad speed sensor in the transmission or the head unit in the combination meter itself could be bad.

As far as your speedometer problem you have one of two options check the speed sensor in the tail shaft or transfer case output shaft for corrosion and bad connection to the wiring. The only way to accurately test the speedometer system is with an oscilloscope. The speed sensor in the transmission sends a square wave pattern to the speedometer head, if the odometer is working than the signal is being sent to the speedometer head and you'll probably find the needle on the speedometer is bad. Because you have no speed sensor codes more than likely you're going to find the head unit is bad.

To Test the Error codes Stored in your Cars computer.There is procedure.This is manual procedure to retrieve trouble codes Stored in ECM by Jumper Wire.
For the Procedure Go to the Help link Provided Below:----

How To Retrieve Error Codes On 1992 Toyota Pickup?


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