2004 Toyota Crown: OBD code P0156 and P0057?

Many a times this OBD error codes comes on due to faulty O2 sensor.But its always not the reason.
Also in this cases you will see that Dash warning lights like VSC or CEL or Traction control lights comes up on dash.

But As per the OBD codes.
The 0057 code indicates a problem in the heater circuit portion of the B2S2 or Bank 2 Sensor 2 Oxygen sensor. It is not likely an issue with the wiring or the ECU.
The 0156 means the output signal is not within specs. Check for 12 volts at the heater input to the sensor. If is good and the heater element has 12 volts coming out of it on the other wire then monitor it to go to 1 to 2 volts within 30 seconds of starting if it does not then the driver in the computer for the heater circuit may be bad. If the voltage is not coming out of the sensor and you have 12 volts to it. The sensor is bad.
And sensor needs to be replaced.

Some times these problems are intermittent.But in that case inspect the sensor.If its just got loose or got dirty.Then remove the sensor clean the sensor and reinsert and see if you get same error codes again.

The sensor may be just starting to fail and sometimes it is in range and other times it is not. It can also depend on the driving patterns.

This details will help.

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