1994 Toyota Pickup: Starts fine but dies in few seconds?

The Engine starts up at first crank but dies in few seconds.
In this types of cases fuel filter,fuel pump,mass air flow sensor all needs to be checked.

First of all try this test procedure:----
Place a jumper wire between the test terminals FP and B+ in the diagnostic check connector box over by the battery and fuse box and see if the truck keeps running or same problem repeats.In most of cases the truck keeps running by this procedure.

In your case also if it does same then,with the help of voltmeter or test light.

At the mass airflow sensor connector peel back the rubber boot and expose the wires going into the electrical connector while the plug is still connected to the mass airflow meter. First make sure none of these wires are broken. I have seen some of them break. Pin number one is a green wire with the yellow tracer. With the key in the on position test the voltage at that wire.

C1 connector is the next wire to wire connector that will have the green wire with the yellow tracer. Check for corrosion and voltage on both sides of this electrical connector. This wire is behind the engine control computer you will need to unbolt the engine control computer to gain access to this connector.

The next stop is a circuit opening relay. If you follow up the wiring harness in the right kick panel about six or 8 inches up you will find the circuit opening relay plugged into the connector. At that connector you will find a green wire with the yellow tracer is voltage there? After that check the white wire with a red tracer is there voltage to the white wire with a red tracer at the circuit opening relay?

Please Note You should get 12 volts at the white wire with  red tracer.If there is no voltage to white wire with red tracer then there is short or broken wire in between the wires,.
But if there is 12 volt to white wire with red tracer then you are testing it correctly.

Here's how this system works. 12 V supply to the white wire with a red tracer into the circuit opening relay it then goes to the coil winding and out the green wire with a yellow tracer then out to the mass airflow sensor when the mass airflow meter door opens because air is being drawn to the meter it provides the circuit to ground when this 12 V it's applied to ground it energizes the relay causing the point context close and supply 12 V to the fuel pump while the engine is cranking over and while the engine is running.

The reason why it starts and runs for a few seconds is because the circuit opening relay uses another coil winding that is energized by the starter circuit to close the point contact supplying power to the fuel pump. Remove the circuit opening relay and pop the cover and see if you can find a way to repair the coil winding otherwise you will need to replace the circuit opening relay.

This tests and details will help.

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