Brake Pedal Problem?

Brake pedal goes all the way to the floor.Loose brake pedal or no pressure in brake pedal.These problems are very much noticed by car drivers.

Brake fluid runs in the brake lines when brake pedal is depressed.If brake fluid is low or leaking then required brake fluid pressure will not get created and brake pedal will loose its actual firmness and fall down loose on floor.

The first hing to be inspected is master cylinder.The master cylinder is the part from where brake fluid runs to brake lines and required pressure is applied on braking system.
The brake master cylinder relies  on brake fluid to push hydraulic pressure which is transferred to the various front or rear wheel to provide brake pad and shoe friction to slow down the wheel speed.

What parts should be checked to start the brake pedal problem troubleshooting?

There are many possibilities that can cause this brake pedal issues and problems.

First of all check the brake fluid level.If the fluid is low,then pressure will be less.In that case brake fluid needs to be filled.
Check the brake fluid level in master cylinder.If your brake fluid level is less that its actual requirement,then inspect the front and rear brake pads/shoes.If this parts are worn out,then brake fluid will be bit low.In that case replace the brake pads and shoes.But if brake pad/shoes are not damaged or worn out,then low brake fluid is due to leakage.Try tracing the brake fluid lea at master cylinder,inspect brake lines,inspect brake calipers,wheel cylinders,cracked worn out hoses or brake line getting rusted and broken in between.
Many a times brake fluid leans and gets in contact with brake shoes and brake pads.And this causes brake line to get contaminated.In that case replace the brake components pads/shoes.
This all can cause brake fluid to leak.

What if i notice no brake fluid leak and What if Brake fluid is Full?
YES.If you see that brake fluid is full and not at all leaking.Still there is possibly that master cylinder itself is faulty and causing the brake pedal issues and braking problems.
There are seals in the master cylinder.This seals inside the master cylinder gets worn out and loose its firmness.In return this causes  the fluid from the front of the master cylinder plunger to slip through to the rear of the plunger and back into the fluid reservoir. And due to this brake pedal go to the floor with out pressurizing brake fluid into the system. 

Are there Any  other possibilities except low brake fluid or faulty master cylinder?

Yes if all this basics and most common brake pedal problem possibilities are checked ok.Then inspect the condition of Axle bearings.In some cases at our garage we notice that faulty and worn out damaged axle bearings cause this loose brake pedal and brake system problems.
Axle bearings is there to hold the wheel to Axle shaft.And this bearings by holding the Axle shaft allows the wheels to rotate/spin freely.When this bearings worn out,you will notice that rotor is moving back and forth.And due to this brake pads looses its grip and moves/gets inside to the caliper.So now when you press/depress the brake pedal to stop the vehicle or to slow down the vehicle the brake pedal goes to the floor and fill the caliper with the fluid.
So due to this the brake pedal will directly not come up after you release the brake pedal,it will take few brake pedal pumps to regain its pressure to come up.
I this is the case then inspect and replace the Axle bearing.

In some cases its also noticed that air gets into the brake lines or brake system and this cause brake pedal issues.

But why the Air Enters the Brake System or How the Air Enters the brake lines

Actually by time the age of brake calipers or wheel cylinders gets over.This brake system components gets worn out or cracked and when this happens the air gets entered in to the braking system.So first try to bleed the Ar from the System.For that looses the bleeder screw located on the brake calipers or on whee cylinders.There are 4 bleeder screws one for each wheel.But if you notice air is again getting into the system in few minutes ten brake calipers or wheel cylinders needs to be replaced to take care of this problem.

This details will help you understand and take care of the brake pedal issues and problem.

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