2006 Toyota Sienna: Rack and Pinion Leaks?

Rack and Pinion leaking.

Its advisable to get it replaced.
But the other option is to overhaul it completely to repair this issue without replacing the parts.

They can be overhauled, but it still requires removing the rack and pinion. And then it has to be completely disassembled to replace the inner seals to repair leak.

Labor to remove the rack and overhaul it is 6.3 hours, which will be about $630 for labor. Overhaul kit runs $120.

Total will be about $750, which would save a little over the price of a remanufactured one. The only real problem you will have is finding a shop willing to do this. Most techs dont overhaul them any more as it does require speciality tools that run about $300 and they just dont pay for themselves as you dont encounter enough Sienna rack and pinions as a tech to warrant purchasing these tools.

If you want to do this route, you will need to call around to shops to find one that has a tech that can overhaul the rack and pinion.

BUT i suggest you to get it replaced.
Because there will not me much difference

 labor time to replace the rack and pinion is 3.6 hours, which at avg labor rates of around $100 per hour will be about $360.

A rack and pinion for yours cost $891 for new from Toyota. A remanufactured aftermarket rack and pinion runs $560.

So, for new part, about $1251 plus tax
For a remanufactured unit, about $920 plus tax.

This details will help.

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