1992 Lexus LS400: Fuel Gauge Not Working?

The Fuel Gauge Controls are not showing up on Dash.
Its a problem noticed on many car model/brands.

More often than not, the fuel level sending unit in the tank is the culprit. There are several electrical and ohm tests we could do to check it.

But  first, before you start taking things apart...take a large rubber mallet, and tap on the bottom of the tank. Sometimes, the tapping will jar the sending unit. It may just have a poor ground connection.But if this tapping is not helping to make the gauges work then, the sending unit is bad,  it will cost you about $180.00 at your local Lexus parts dealer. I would recommend against "aftermarket" sending units.
Always use original parts instead of aftermarket part.
Aftermarket parts are not at all bad parts,but they dont give exact performance and there life span is less then original parts.

This details will help.

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