2005 Toyota Highlander: Driveshaft Vibration on Acceleration?

The Vibration can increase or decrease as per speeds and driving condition on this cases.

If the steering wheel is vibrating and it only occurs when you're applying the brakes this means that one of the four rotors and usually it is the front rotors is out of round or warped. The vibration that you're feeling comes and goes on acceleration at higher speeds and is felt in the floor panel may be related to the U joint in the rear driveshaft. This rear driveshaft was notorious for the front two u joints in the front portion of the driveshaft to get loose. Have the driveshaft joints inspected. You're probably going to need to resurface the front rotors also.

The description of the vibration being more or less as you increase or reduce speed is pretty characteristic of a bad u joint in the rear driveshaft.

Please note that the joint in the driveshaft cannot be purchased separately. The Entire driveshaft has to be replaced to correct this vibration if the joint is in fact bad as I suspect that it is.

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