1992 Toyota Pickup: Setting Throttle Position Sensor?

How to Set TPS for Toyota Pickup.

There a basic procedure to do that.
The best way to set the TPS is to install it and keep the screws loose. When you install it make sure you get the tabs on the correct side of the sensor so that as you rotate the sensor until it contacts the tabs correctly. Then use a pin and back probe the Yellow wire with a white tracer. This is the second wire from the bottom. The connector should be plugged in and the key in the on position. This wire should have 12 volts before you plug it into the sensor. Do not touch the set/lock screws on the throttle body. make sure the throttle plate is completely closed and against the stop screw. Sometime you have to hold it there because of the throttle opener/dashpot. Then slowly rotate the TPS until the 12 volts on the Y/W wire drops to 0 volts. Then tighten the sensor. Now as you crack the throttle open the voltage should go from the 0 volts  to 12 volts. Recheck  the timing couple of times once the adjustment is done.

It is not necessary but is a good Idea in case some set it incorrectly when the TPS was not adjusted correctly. Install the jumper wire in E1 and TE1 in the Diag connector. Then check the timing.

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