2004 Ford Mustang: Brake light Fuse Location?

The rear brake lights not working.There are many possibilities that can cause this problem.
First check and confirm that brake light bulbs are fine and working.
If the bu;lbs are shorted then brake light will not illuminate.
Other possibility is brake light switch,a faulty brake light switch will not let the brake lights to come ON.
And if both brake light bulb and switch are already replaced and checked ok,then it can be wiring issue from brake light bulb to the brake light switch or the bulb is getting short in the socket where its fitted.

But before trying any other thing,.
First check and confirm that brake light fuses are working and not blown out.

See the brake light fuse Shown in the diagram.

There are 2 fuse you need to check located in the interior fuse panel. Check the F2-33 fuse and the F2-41 fuse. Its most likely one and or both are blown.

fuse box

This details and diagrams will help.

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