2001 BMW 325I: Cost to replace Fan Clutch and Assembly?

Fan clutch and Fan Assembly both tested inoperative.In this state both are to be replaced.

Getting it done professionally is always advisable.If you are not car tech savvy.Its not a easy task.

Fan clutch labor is 1hours
Fan assembly labor is 2.0 hours

Total labor time is 3.0 hours. Even at highest rate I have seen at a BMW dealer of $130 per hour, that is only $370

Fan clutch is $210
Fan assembly is only $145

Total parts and labor $855.

So approx the Complete Part replacement cost will be between $800 to $850.

Always deal is original company parts instead of cheap aftermarket parts.Aftermarket parts are not bad parts but they don't provide exact result and there performance lacy then original parts.Also they don't last long.

This details will help.

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