2000 Toyota Avalon: Speedometer/ odometer Display Resets?

The Control panel and other Speedometer Display Automatically resets.
The Display is showing correct and suddenly it resets and Shows Wrong details.

The only way this can happen is if you're losing the accessory power supply that retains the memory in the control board in the back of the display. The other option would be the display itself is going bad.

The Circuit wiring to the Display panel and Fuses controlling the Accessories needs to be checked and tested by Voltmeter.

The correct place to start is by checking each fuse. What you can do is wiggle each fuse with a small pair of needle nose pliers. If the female pins have lost contact with the fuse blade it could cause an intermittent open in the power supply to the display memory. Start with the fuse box on the driver side of the instrument panel. The 7.5 amp dome fuse and the 10 amp gauge number one fuse are two main inputs to the combination meter display units. Then the 15 amp radio fuse is the main power supply for the memory. Also check the 7.5 amp ECU – B fuse and the 10 amp ECU – IG number two fuse. In the fuse box under the hood check the 15 amp IG2 fuse. Ideally if you can have the display up with the date set and monitor the display while wiggling these fuses to see if there's a loose contact in the fuses. Otherwise also probe back sides of all of the fuses to see if the fuse in fact is transferring voltage across. This voltage test on the fuses and the wiggle test will let you know what wire or fuse is causing the problem. If the display goes out on any one particular fuse or the memory is reset before you turn the key back off that is where you need to look first.

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