2005 Honda Accord: A/C Not Starting?

First of all check,that do you hear any thing when you turn on the A/c control button.
Do you hear compressor getting engage.Is the compressor turning ON,when you turn on A/C.

Ok,if you hear no noise then before getting into too much troubleshooting.First check basics.The A/C control fuse and A/c Control relay.

These could be something as simple as a blown fuse or bad relay, or could be much more serious such as bad compressor to control unit.

First, check the #30 fuse in the passenger compartment fuse box. If blown, replace it.

IF ok, in the engine compartment fuse/relay box is a relay labeled ac compressor relay. Swap it with a relay next to it and see if compressor engages. If it does, then purchase a new relay.

BUT if relay and fuse both checks ok, then for further troubleshooting it will require some professional diagnostics as the ac pressures will need to be checked and then electrical system tested for the ac system.

This details will help.

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