2000 Toyota Celica: Still Getting OBD code P0171?

Check Engine Light Came ON.Error code retrieved P0171.
Its for Engine lean codes.
Replace MAF sensor,Cat Converter and O2 sensor.But still the Error code P0171 is Coming up.
Its not getting cleared up.

This lean condition code will set for multiple reasons. The first and most common is the MAF and if you are certain the one you put in is good that can be ruled out. The next thing is intake leaks. Any clamps on the induction boot or cracks in the boot. The intake manifold gasket needs checked also. This is done by spraying carb cleaner along the intake system and monitor the fuel trims long and short to see if the numbers come back done. The other known issue is with restricted injectors on this engine. This usually will set a misfire code but not always. Depending on the emissions level you have if the O2 or AFR sensors are biased lean it can set he code falsely. The valve timing needs to be inspected also. If the chain jumps one tooth due to the mileage and age it will set this code also. The exhaust cam is the one that is normally out of time when it does.

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