2001 Lexus IS300: Sunroof Stuck open?

The Sunroof will not close.
Inspect the Sunroof Cable and Sunroof Slide Mechanism.
If one of the two cables gets bound the auto retract will activate, thus the sun roof won't close?
The sunroof cables run down inside the channel that the sunroof rides in. You cannot see the cables while the sunroof is moving. There is one cable in the left channel 1 cable in the right channel.

But in most cases it's not the cable that gets stuck, normally it is the slide mechanism that pops the roof up and down to go backwards that brakes and jams.

Inspecting the Cable and Slide Mechanism helps.

But How to Get the Stuck up Sunroof  Close in this condition.
For This detail Visit the helplink provided below:----

How to Manually Close the Sunroof On 2001 Lexus IS300?

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