Toyota Corolla: Battery Drains out?

The Battery Drains out Automatically.In this case first check if the battery is having 12 volt or not.If not,then get the battery charged and see if its getting 12 volts.If the battery is not getting hold to the charge then battery is weak and needs to be replaced.But if battery is holding proper charge.Then other possibility is any of the door is not getting properly closed and that is letting the dome light to sty ON,and that draining the battery.

BUT if the battery tests good then is a load or parasitic draw on the battery causing it to go dead overnight. If you are 100% the door was not left ajar and the dome light was not on this means something is drawing the battery done. The factory says no more then 50 milliamps and typically you will see less then 20 milliamps of draw to operate the computers and memory for the clock and so on. This has to be check with a milliamp meter between the negative battery post and the end of the negative battery cable end. You can use a 12 volt test light and put it in series also and the bulb should barely glow. IF it is full bright that is too much. After the test light is installed in series use a jumper wire parallel to charge the computers then remove the jumper and check the bulb to see if it is on.If its remaining ON,this clears that any of the part is getting shorted and that causing the problem.If not then get the battery bench tested at proper garage.

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