2001 Toyota Celica: Grinding noise when Clutch pedal is Pushed?

The Vehicle has Manual Transmission.
As per the details it indicates that problem has something going on with the release bearing and fork possibly grinding or making noise up against the clutch plate.Is not likely anything in the clutch. The clutch normally will not make noise. If the noise is coming when you are pushing the clutch down this could possibly be the release bearing.
If the noise is more rotational and does it on acceleration or Deceleration with the clutch pedal not depressed then this will indicate something internally inside the transmission. The only way to know for sure is to remove the transmission and inspect. The manual transaxle assembly retails for $2465. Average wholesale is $2150. Your best bet if it ends up being in the transmission is finding a good used low mileage transmission.

Unfortunately you're not going to know until you pull the transmission out and have an inspection done of the release bearing and input shaft bearing. The only other possible thing to check would be to drain the oil and see if there's any debris stuck to the magnet on the drain plug.

This details will help.

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