1999 Lexus GS300: Wheel noise and Engine oil Leak?

The Noise is heard from front wheel on driver side.
In this cases the noise can be groaning noise or pinging type noise heard  while driving.

The Engine oil problem is noticed from towards the oil pan.

This types of problems are noticed by many others too.

Ok, it wont be from the wheel bearing. The wheel bearing is a sealed unit in your car and there isnt even a tablespoon of oil sealed in it.

Believe you have 2 different issues going on.

The noise you are hearing is likely from the lower control arm bushings or lower balljoint. They need to be inspected and whichever one has excess play in it replaced.

The fluid is probably just what you believe, engine oil. the oil pan gasket, oil filter and oil pressure sensor need to be checked as one of these has a slight leak

Now To fix these issues (Ball Joint or Control Arm):-----

You just need a balljoint removal tool, which is basically a press to press it out of the control arm if balljoint. If control arm bushings, a vertical hydraulic press is need to get the bushings out the control arm.

If control arm bushings, no danger of tire falling off but will cause excessive tire wear. If lower balljoint, as it gets worse, there is chance of it separating from the control arm which owould cause tire to fall inward towards engine compartment

To check the balljoiint, raise the front wheel off the ground abour 2". Have someone use a long prybar to wedge between tire and ground and lift upwards on tire will you watch the balljoint. If there is any visible movement, replace it.

For control arm bushings, check for any space between the bushings and the control arm, as well as any torn pieces in the bushings and replace as needed

For your Information i will say:-----
Control arm bushings are always caused by wear.
But for Balljoints, it is about 50/50 on being due to wear or a sudden "shock". It can be cumulative between the  two Balljoints from the factory on your car are sealed units unlike older ones that could be greased. So they do wear more quickly than older cars, and then something like whaty happened with you can finally cause their weakening to the point of being noticable.
And even then, it can take something else happening before you hear the noise as they have a constant load on them that can keep them in place and no noise, but then you go over another bump and the load changes so that the looseness in the balljoint is felt and heard.

Getting this possibilities checked will help.

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