insurance policy?

When you get insurance, you think you will get cover of your loss, if you face a loss in the product which you got insurance.Or if its a life insurance, then you get benefit and coverage of life as per what plan,premium you have selected.---------

But the main thing is insurance policy.The policy is the proof of your insurance.If your policy is lost, then its a long procedure and lots of proof required to get the duplicate plocicy.Also in some cases its seen, that the claim is not passed,because policy is not submitted on time.So always keep your insurance policy paper safe and handy.Take care that original document don't get
destroyed,damaged,wet or torn off by any means.-----------

The insurance policy is generally an integrated contract, meaning that it includes all forms associated with the agreement between the insured and insurer.The insurance policy also helps as a legal document and proof to get benefit.While getting driving license or when you open a new bank account or while getting any kind of loan, this policies really helps a lot.-------

Also take care, that you dont miss out any premiums ,which you have to pay to keep your policy alive.----------

Also buy good beneficial policies from reputed companies, and brands.---------
Some new companies offer more profits and benefits then old reputed companies.This is to attract the buyer, but actually new companies are not bad, but they are very less known,so while actually getting serious claim, it will be hassle, for you to explain the policy.So its always advisable to get policy from good and known companies.----------

Always keep xerox of your insurance policy handy.Dont give original policy paper to anyone.Always provide xerox.In some cases the original is need to be submitted.In that case always get a proof in writing.That you have submitted him your original insurance policy paper .
Because in-case if he forgets , then you can show him the proof .




To know which policy to buy,good policy plans
click this link below:--

Also one more good link:--



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