Car Backfires?

Symptom: Backfire .
When: Accelerating .
Where: Engine Compartment.

If you notice this problem in your car, truck or jeep while Acceleration, then check out this possibilities mentioned below:---

PriorityActionPart TypeCause
1InspectTiming BeltSlipped or Broken Timing Belt.
2InspectTiming ChainSlipPED Timing Chain.
3InspectTiming SetSlipPED Timing Chain or Worn Timing Gear(s).
4InspectTiming SpecificationIncorrect Ignition Timing.
5InspectCarburetor Power ValveDamaged or Faulty Carburetor Power Valve.
6InspectCarburetorWorn, Faulty, Damaged, Dirty, Improperly Adjusted and/or Functioning Carburetor.
7InspectAccelerator Pump DiaphragmDamaged or Faulty Accelerator Pump Diaphragm (Carburetor).
8InspectWiresetWorn, Damaged, Faulty Wireset or Ends Are Not Completely Connected and/or Are ARCING To Ground.
10InspectDistributor CapLoose or Cracked Distributor Cap.
11InspectDistributorWorn, Loose or Incorrectly Installed Distributor.
12InspectPoint GapIncorrect Point Gap Setting.
13InspectPoint SetBurned, Worn or Incorrectly Set Ignition Points.
14InspectSpark PlugFouled, Damaged, or Broken Spark Plug(s).
15InspectSpark Plug GapIncorrectly Gapped or Fouled Spark Plug(s).
16InspectFiring OrderSpark Plug Wire(s) Not Connected in Correct Firing Order Sequence.
17InspectPoint DwellPoint Dwell Not Within Specified Range.
18InspectDistributor Cap and Rotor KitLoose or Cracked Distributor Cap.
19InspectPCV ValveClogged Emission System.
20InspectBreather FilterPlugged Breather Filter.
26InspectCoil - IgnitionFaulty Ignition Coil.

This troubleshooting will help.

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