2001 Lexus: Brake Disc Rotor removal?

Brake Disc (Rotor)

Removal & Installation

Front rotors and hub/bearings are matched mounted for minimum lateral run-out. Before removing the rotor, mark the rotor and hub/bearing to maintain original orientation.

  1. Raise and support the vehicle.
  2. Remove wheel and tire assembly.
  3. Remove the caliper adapter mounting bolts and remove the caliper adapter from the steering knuckle.
  4. Secure caliper anchor assembly to nearby suspension part with a wire. Do not allow brake hose to support caliper weight.
  5. Remove and discard the O-ring securing the disc brake rotor on the hub.
  6. Remove the disc brake rotor from hub/bearing.

    Click image to see an enlarged view
    Fig. Front disc brake rotor mounting bolts for the Grand Cherokee
To install:
  1. Install the rotor on hub studs.
  2. Install the caliper adapter on the knuckle . Tighten to 65-85 ft. lbs. (90-115 Nm).
    Caliper slide pins should be free from debris and lightly lubricated.
  3. Install the caliper to the caliper adapter.
  4. Gently lift one end of the slide pin boot to equalize air pressure, then release the boot and verify that the boot is fully covering the slide pin.
  5. Install wheel and tire assembly.
  6. Remove support and lower the vehicle.
  7. Pump brake pedal to seat caliper pistons and brake pads. Do not move vehicle until firm brake pedal is obtained.
  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions section.
  2. Remove brake caliper and brake pads.
  3. Put matchmarks on the front disc and the axle hub.
  4. Remove the front disc.
To install:
  1. Align the matchmarks, and install the front disc.
    When replacing the disc with a new one, select the installation position where the front disc has the minimum runout.
  2. Install the brake pads and brake caliper assembly.


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