Neutral N light blinking on Mitsubishi challenger?

Blinking N light indicates electrical defect/ problem in vehicle.
This puts your vehicle is fail safe mode.
Its common problem and requires car scanning.This gives error code,to detect exact cause of problem.
In this problem you only have third gear and reverse mode and other drive gears will not function properly.
The purpose of fail safe is to give you the ability to get the vehicle off the road in the event of an electrical malfunction. The system uses a mechanical valve to activate 3rd and reverse, eliminating the need for any electronics to move the car.
Many users think its computer fault and directly replace computer,without getting scan done.But the problem sill remains same as before.The reason that the new computer does the same thing is that the problem is not in the computer, the computer is simply detecting the problem and shutting down the system (going to fail safe). The new computer saw the same problem, and acted accordingly.
The good news is that diagnosis is not too difficult with the right tools. The same way that the Service Engine light comes on and you can get a code to tell you what is wrong with the engine, when the N light flashes it is because a code is set in the transmission computer to tell you what is wrong.
But to do this scanning test you will need a professional scan tool to read the transmission codes. A generic OBD scanner will not work here. You need either a Mitsubishi MUT-II or higher or a full scan tool that has ELC4/AT module access.

Once you are able to scan the codes in the transmission system, you will be able to identify or at least narrow down your problem considerably and perform some tests to identify the issue exactly.
This details above will help you.

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