Mitsubishi Outlander Service maintenance ?

The Time for service for 2005 Mitsubishi outlander is 60,000 miles.This should not exceed and should be done on time.This takes care of the electrical and mechanic parts.
For more details,read as follows :---

At 60,000 miles, the following is supposed to be performed:
Timing belt and balance belt replacements
Air filter replacement
Coolant replacement
Check all fluids
Inspect/rotate tires
General inspection (brake condition, exhaust condition, etc)

It is also strongly recommended that you perform the following:
Spark plug replacement (required every 105k, however for optimal performance and minimal difficulty removing the plugs, 60k is recommended)
Automatic transmission flush (this MUST be done with Mitsubishi SPIII, there is --no-- compatible fluid in the aftermarket, regardless of what lube shops may try to sell you). The transmission fluid is normally considered a check only fluid, but under heavier driving Mitsubishi recommends a 30k mile interval to replace it.
The maintenance schedules details are mentioned below.
You can go through it for proper understanding.

This details mentioned above will help you to know the service timings and not let you "DUE" your service.

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