Dodge Dakota will not idle?

Take a look at the throtle plate see if its carbon build up on it?,if not can you remove the iac valve and try to push the plunger in and pull out see if it moves ?.when itstarts will it stay running if you hold the pedal hi?
EGR valve may be stuck open, if so it will not run. (Block it off)
Drop in fuel pressure. ( Should be 40psi with vacume line hooked up and 50psi without.)
Throttle body clogged. Take it off and hold it up to a light source. Can you see light between the body and the flappers or is there a slight amount of oil around the edges of the flappers. Look at the two tiny holes between the two main holes, make sure they are clean.
Idle speed motor not functioning properly.
First check the throttle body and idle control motor and clean them as needed or in some rare cases replace the idle control motor. Both components are notorious for accumulating dirt and carbon soot, which will affect idle performance.
Second thing is do you have a vacuum leak somewhere under the hood? Look for anything that might have come loose or a vacuum hose connection that might have broken off. You can sometimes hear a hissing noise under the hood with the engine running.
Third thing  read the computer codes and see if any negative information has been stored on your on board computer.

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