Toyota highlander will not shift into park ?

This is faced by many others too.
The car drives fine but will not shift to park mode.
Try this procedure and see if that helps:---
It sounds like the shift lock ECU isn't doing what it should. If you look at your shifter, there is a little square cut out right next to it. There is a little cover over this square. Pry this cover out with a small screwdriver. There will be a small button underneath it. USe your key or the screwdriver to press this button down and you can put it into park.
There is a square cap that you pop out and stick the ignition key there to unluck the shifter in case of emergency.The cap is right by the sifter.

But if that is not helping then.It sounds like the bushing on the transmission, where the shift cable attaches, is either broken or seized.
What to do:
Go out, open the hood, and have someone move the shift lever. Observe the front of the transmission, on the driver side, where the cable meets the lever on the front of the transmission.
The bushing may be seized or broken.
The above mentioned troubleshooting possibilities will help.

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