How to test ABS system in vehicle?

Please note, that ABS system cannot be tested manually.When the problem occurs in ABS system, the ABS light will get steady on your car/truck/jeep dash.In that cases the error gets stored in your cars ABS module.It has to be scanned by professional scan tool.Then only you will receive error code.Once the error core is retrieved, you can easily located the fault.

The ABS brake system performs several self-tests every time the ignition switch is turned ON and the vehicle is driven. The ABM monitors the systems input and output circuits to verify the system is operating correctly. If the on board diagnostic system senses that a circuit is malfunctioning the system will set a trouble code in its memory.

NOTE:An audible noise may be heard during the self-test. This noise should be considered normal.

NOTE:A scan tool must be used to diagnose the ABS system.


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