Dodge durango starts only if cranked excessively?

This problems are mostly indicated as fuel related problem.The engine need fuel to start.If the flow of fuel is low or nil the engine will not start.Excessive cranking makes fuel to reach engine and it starts up.
This may be due to the fuel pump pressure check valve being defective. When the valve malfunctions it allows fuel to drain back out of the fuel line, then you must purge the line of air and fill it with pressurized fuel, this takes a few moments and this causes abnormally long crank times before the engine starts.On your truck the pressure check valve is on the top of the fuel tank, if not it is inside the fuel tank and part of the fuel pump module assembly, any parts store like NAPA or Carquest can look this up for you and find out if you can just replace the pressure check valve and not the whole pump module which is quite expensive.If possible always But parts from professional auto parts store,instead of local garages or shade tree mechanics.


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