Cruise Control not working due to Brake light warning light?

This problem is noticed in Toyota model.
If the Brake warning light is illuminated on your instrument cluster, the cruise control is prevented from being set. This is normal.
The most common reason for the Brake light to be illuminated is low brake fluid in the brake master cylinder. As the brakes wear, the fluid in the master cylinder drops proportionally to make up for the wear on the brakes.
Check the fluid level in the master cylinder. If it is low, top it off with a new can of brake fluid. Don't use brake fluid that has been opened, use new. Brake fluid that has been sitting in a can will draw moisture, and this moisture, when you put it into your master cylinder, may cause your steel brake parts (that touch the fluid) to rust.
If the fluid level is OK.
Then Brake related components needs to be inspected and tested.
This details will help to confirm the problem.

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