Check engine light on Honda Accord?

When the Check Engine light (or Service Engine Soon) is turned on, the systems computer control unit (called the PCM) has sensed a fault in the electronic controls of the engine and/or the emission system. When this happens you will seldom feel the car engine run any different. There are about 200 possible system faults that turn the Check Engine light on, to know what has developed a problem you must have the system tested, this is called an OBD2 fault code test, Kragen/Oriley and Autozone parts stores (USA only) do this testing for free. After you get it scanned, the error code stored in the computer will be retrieved.Once you receive error codes, it will be much easier, because error code will point you towards the faults causing this problem, so as per that you can continue your troubleshooting.First get the parts inspected and then replaced, if its checked out faulty.This will save your time in troubleshooting the problem.So getting the codes retrieved is the best option.

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