How to purge air from cooling system on ford contour?

Air in cooling system, will cost lots of problem.Either no cooling or no heat or there is coolant leak or coolant line is clogged.In that case best option is to bleed air from cooling system.Thats best way to get this problem solved.

The basic procedure of bleeding air from the cooling system is to use a floor jack and raise the front of the car as high as possible, then fill the coolant recovery tank full and run the engine until it just starts to overheat, high end of normal zone on gauge, then shut the engine down and run cold water over the radiator core, this will self bleed the system and the coolant will be pulled from the recovery tank, repeat as necessary, never let the recovery tank run dry or more air will be pulled into the system.Take care no air enters the system wile doing this.You follow the steps properly.
This details will help you.

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