Free car radio codes?

You disconnected your cars battery,after you reconnect your cars battery,on the radio screen it will ask you the radio code.
The code is the manual.On the page where radio details are given.
On some cars the code is mentioned under the dash, on some cars the code is on the side or inside the glovebox.
Its 4 or 5 digit code.Depends up on car brand and model.
But unfortunately, there is no code mentioned in your car and your car manual is not available.
Then your car dealer is best option.Actually as per rule you should get your cars radio code for free from your dealer.

But because most of the car owners don't know this rule,the car dealers charge them $50 or $100 to provide this codes.They get this code from main  service center for absolutely free in minutes.In very rare cases they have to pay $5 or $10 to get the code.

If you insist that you need code and as per rule,you should get it free,then your dealer will provide you with the code.
May be he charge you 5 or 10 $ for his service,then its ok, but its actually not the rule.You should get code for free.

The password can only be retrieved from service center or from the dealer of the unit.

Because at the back of the unit there is a serial number mentioned and the password/code only can be retrieved from the serial number. Each and every device/unit has its own serial number so one serial number code/password will not work with other serial number code password.

The service center or the dealer has the list of code for the serial number so as soon as you provide the serial number he will get the password/code retrieved for you through the list.

This details should help you out.


  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    please please can anybody find me the radio code for my 2007 mondeo radio is a 6000 would really appreciate it think the serial no is V054609 thanks.

  2. 7C3F68ALA this is the serial number of my Ford Figo .. please give me the code if anyone knows.. thankyou