Toyota Camry stalls After disconnecting the battery ?

This problem is noticed in many other models too.The car starts stalling, the idle gets high.This problem starts after you just disconnect and reconnect the battery.

It will not happen every time but sometimes this also happens.

Now why this problem is noticed.
What you have is this: Disconnecting the battery caused your car's computer to lose its 'base idle' parameters. This info is kept in the computer, but, removing power to the computer allows the info to be erased.So due to this actual setting of car which computer detects is now cleared.You need to reset that actual setting.

This is, unfortunatly, a normal condition, and, easily rectified.

Try this procedure. Get in the car, start it up, and drive it; simulating stop/start city traffic, and then take it out on the highway, hit passing gear a few times, pull off, and let it idle 30 seconds and repeat highway speed, and passing gear a few more times, then simulate city traffic again. You might need to apply a slight bit of gas during the idle periods of the drive. If you do it right, you can reset the base idle parameter under 10 minutes.

This troubleshooting possibilities will help you to fix this problem.

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