Brake lights not working on Ford?

Brake lights not working indicates problem with brake light switch.

But this problem is not in all the cases.In many of the cases the brake switch is OK, but problem is wires to the switch.The 2 wire connector to it, the copper wire conductor inside the outer plastic insulator breaks, so use a 12 volt test light ($4 at Autozone) to verify that you have power into the switch, if you do check the dead wire out of the switch to make sure the conductor is intact before you replace the switch. You can easily do this by removing the connector from the switch and putting a paper clip in it to see if the brake lights come on, if they do the brake light switch is the problem, if not then go to Ford and buy a repair connector for the brake light switch. Solder the new connector on (if needed) don't use crimp connectors.They many a times get shorted after few minutes.

The details mentioned will help.

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