How to reset service millege computer on 2008 Mitsubishi outlander?

Normally to reset the system, you would turn the car off, hold the in for button for about 5 seconds until the wrench/maintenance light starts flashing, release and press once and the system would reset.
But if this procedure is not helping then
Unfortunately due to the nature of this system, you are going to need to take it to a Mitsubishi dealership to have the full system reset, or wait until your time/mileage catches up with your driving to bring it back in line.
This problem is faced by many others too.
After getting the car service at local garages or getting it serviced manually, this problem occurs.
This is a very common complaint and it purely is due to the poor design of the system. If you take your vehicle to the dealership they can connect to the cluster with the scan tool and use what is called an "integrated value adjustment" which is basically just telling the cluster to add xx months or km to the actual date/mileage so as to fool the maintenance reminder.
Further, and what I prefer to do, is set up what is called an "optional interval reminder". Doing this you can set exactly how many months/km you want between reminders, and in cases where people drive a lot of miles quickly, I will often set the months interval to 150 or similar.. doing this makes the months portion of the interval disappear since the cluster is only capable of displaying up to 99 months. Then you would only have the mileage reading and of course it would reset like a normal vehicle for the most part, if you only did your maintenance when the reminder told you it was due.
This problem normally arises due to the way the system is designed. Each time you reset the reminder, a preset number of months and miles are added to the reminder indicator, and the existing mileage/months are included in the new value. Unfortunately though, due to the way these systems get messed up there is no way to do this yourself as you require the factory scan tool to access the cluster and make modifications to it.

This mentioned details will help you.

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