OBD code P0171 on Toyota Tacoma?

The P-0171 code indicates, in most instances of this code being set, a dirty Mass Air Flow sensor.
This sensor is located in the pipe between the air filter box and the throttle body.
Try this procedure to correct the problem.
Locate the sensor, remove the wiring connector, remove the sensor, and, with some commercially available "Brake cleaner" (a spray can), spray the interior of the sensor until it is clean. Do not use compressed air, as the pressure can and will damage the sensor. After the sensor is cleaned by spraying the brake cleaner in it, reinstall the sensor, hook up the wire connector and drive the vehicle. The computer will see the sensor reading the correct amount of air flow, and the light should go out.If this procedure is not helping, then MAF sensor and its wiring needs to be inspected and tested.
This will point towards the problem.

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