How to get insurance?

What is insurance?
Insurance is the system,which helps you to get benefit and helps you to recover your loss.------Insurance is defined as the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another, in exchange for payment.
There are many types of insurance.
Life insurance,Property insurance,health insurance,wealth insurance,Auto insurance,travel insurance,credit insurance,third party insurance.


The work system of all this types of insurance is almost the same.You have to pay the premium every quarterly,or after every six moths or yearly premium and you get benefit of the insurance.Some are tax free insurances.

Getting insurance is not a bad thing,its always good to get insurance.But understanding the insurance policy is the main aspect.Without knowing what you are getting or for which policy you are going is not the right step to get insurance.---------
Let it be car,life,health,wealth etc etc insurance.
In all fields of insurance there are agents.This agents are in vast numbers.They are not one or two,but this agents are in vast numbers.So go to as many agents and get detailed idea about the insurance.----------

When ever you approach a new agent, just visit him like a student, don't tell him what you know,but learn and understand what he knows.-------
Out of that what majority of agents suggest,go with that scheme,policy.--------

Always read the insurance policy carefully and completely.----------
Why reading insurance policy necessary?

This reading is necessary,because -- there are many local so called insurance agents,who just want to complete the target.The target which they have to complete to be in the company,to get the bonus,to get extra additional benefit in their salary.So many a times this agents will not give you complete detail or will not explain your the negatives of the policy.He will just explain you the positive in the policy,he will just explain you the plus point of policy. So its your duty to go through the policy completely.

All policies are not complete benefit,there is some type of negative in all types of insurance policies.----------

Get the policy checked by your legal adviser,with your regular CA,if you know any lawyer then get help of him too.Also if your friends and relatives have policies, then get idea and help from them too.-------

To get insurance, there are many sources,locally as well as online.--------
Getting complete knowledge from every place is advisable.This is because no body fools you.But getting insurance from your nearest place is very much advisable.Also know the reputation the history of agent.How educated he is?
Is it friendly in nature with every one,not only you but every other client too.
Know his history,before making him your agent.------
If possible get more policies from other good agents too.
Don't just trust one single agent lifetime.Give other good agents a chance too,to help you out and take care of your policies.-------
Because id one agent is not giving you complete help,then you can opt to other agents in your list.-----------



Insurance is not at all a bad option.Its always better to be safe.You always,daily don't get into problem.This problems are minor and sometimes major.For minor problems there are many other sources,like friends,relatives,sometimes good neighbor or your personal business.BUT in major problems all this nearby helping hands will not be seen.They will just try to run away from you.At that times its insurance.The policy which you have chosen will definitely come to help.


Get your car,your property,your health,your wealth,your life insured.


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