Car dies after running few miles?

This problem is faced by many car users.This problem is seen on car,which is not serviced and maintained well.If the car is sitting in a garage for few months without driving it.A proper troubleshooting is required to confirm what is causing the problem.
Get the spark plug and sparks checked.Loss of spark is the common reason for this problem.If you notice the same problem, that means you either have a defective Crankshaft position sensor or a defective Ignition control module, either one can cause the symptom. Of the two parts the crankshaft position sensor is the most common failure point, to replace it you must remove the front crank pulley and the harmonic balancer behind that pulley, the crank sensor is behind that and is triggered off the harmonic balancer. You access the pulley through the passenger wheel well, you must remove the plastic or rubber splash guards to access it, you will need some special tools, a harminic balancer pulley puller of course will be required. There is also a special tool needed to set the air gap from the sensor to the pulley, so to get around that tool measure the old sensors air gap with a feeler gauge and set the new one the same.The parts which are removed should be properly re-installed.If you see check engine light coming ON,then get the car scanned for error codes stored in engine computer.
This info will give you start to troubleshoot the problem.

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