Towing Capacity for Mitsubishi Outlander ?

2005 Outlander is not specifically recommended to tow. The 2003 models were given a tow hitch option and specs, they were removed however as options presumably due to problems with reliability for people that towed excessively and did not double up their maintenance.

But for your benefit i will say, that there are many Mitsubishi  users using universal or 2003 hitches on this model with OK results, just staying very light on the load and taking care of the vehicle reasonably. You would want to keep lower speeds while towing and service your transmission fluid after long range towing. An auxillary transmission cooler would be a good idea, but if speeds are kept reasonable and fluid changed regularly it would not be a necessity.
For the AWD you want to stay under a maximum tow weight of 1500lbs, which includes the weight of the trailer. You would want to try to keep the tongue weight around 200lbs. The aftermarket hitches used in these applications typically recommend 300lbs tongue weight, however if you can skate under that it would be a bit easier on the vehicle.
The above mentioned will give you required details.

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