Fixing refrigerant leak?

You noticed your car AC  system is leaking refrigerant.
Now what to do?
There are many leak sealant available in market or at auto part store.This are silicon sealants and refrigerant sealants.If the leak is very minor, then this sealants come in use.But if leak is major then this sealants are of no use.The refrigerant runs through the cooling line with particular pressure.And this so called sealants are not capable of holding that pressure and they get scraped off or blown out and refrigerant again starts leaking.

In that cases,immediately get the leaking area repaired.On some cases the leaking component needs to be replaced.If its leaking from AC cooling line, then that particular line has to be replaced.Its a time consuming job and its a AC technicians job.It requires special and licensed tool.This tools are available with HVAC techs or AC repair techs only.You will not get this AC repair dis-assembly tools in auto parts store or other online car parts store.You should have AC repair tech license with you, then only you get that tools.

Dont ignore this refrigerant leak.Just by making a decision that i don't want to use AC.I will get the leak repaired after few months or when i will require AC in hot days.

This is not right decision.

Get the major refrigerant leak repaired as quickly as possible.

WHY ?    Because

Due to the leak ,the outside air and moisture will enter your Cars AC system.When moisture enters AC system it gets mixed with refrigerant and react with refrigerant to form corrosive acids and sludge that can damage the compressor.

The moisture will enter the pinholes in evaporator and condenser assembly and dame them as well.

Also the refrigerant is costly.Once you loose the refrigerant, you need another refrigerant to fill the AC system.If the leak is not repaired, you will loose all the refrigerant. One more reason to get this leak repaired is nature.There is a component in the refrigerant that destroys ozone that protects living being from the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation.By letting the refrigerant leak knowingly,you indirectly destroy natural ozone in air.

So any how if you think of repairing the leak later on, you let your AC system components more damaged then its present condition.The cost of repairing it later will be much more then its present condition.

I hope you get your Get your Leaking AC system.If you notice a leak.
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