WiFi problem?

One of my client was getting problem with his Wifi connection.The wifi Application was ON,but it was not working.
I suggested him to try this.

If your laptop has a di-fi switch/button chances are there that you have one integrated on the main board of the laptop.Check if the wi-fi adapter is installed properly by going to the Device Manager and check Network Adapters, normally a wi-fi adapter will show up if not check if you have any devices listed under network devices(Network Controller, Ethernet Controller). Now if the wi-fi card is installed and the status on the Device Manager say's that it's working properly, you may now check your laptop for a 3rd pary wi-fi utility/application that manages your connection look for it on the System Tray on the lower right hand side near the clock or go to all programs and look for any WLAN utility, when you open the utility make sure the wi-fi radio is turned on or enabled.
He tried this procedure and got his problem solved.In his case the wifi application under utility option was disabled.He enabled it and then shut off his laptop and then restarted.After that WiFi started working.

Hope this Procedure helps,others too.

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