How to reset Radio code after car battery is died?

If you need dis-assembly or replacement instructions for any other auto/car part, or you want to ask question related to your car/truck jeep problem then please leave the comment with your details, so I can provide you the required instructions and solutions.

Basically,there a 4 or 5 digit radio code.This comes comes with car radio manual.Inserting this code when radio units asks for code will reset your car radio.But in case if you dont have this radio code or your radio code is lost then you can't reset it yourself. It takes a scanner at your Local Dealership to do it. People do it, (new battery or dead battery) everyday unaware that doing so can and usually does, arm the theft system and either kills the radio or the whole car. To me it's just another built-in defect that requires dealer assistance.They will need your Vehicles VIN, and then they call HQ to get the code for your radio, which will also bring your whole car back to life.
This details will help.

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