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Every state has its car insurance rules and laws.There are some minimum requirements made by every state that should be there in Auto insurance.Yes,you can definitely buy more additional auto insurance coverage's,there are no limitations in that.But that minimum requirement for Auto insurance coverage should be bought.If you fail to maintain that minimum requirement,then you are going against the law.If you get caught with no car insurance,of if you have Auto insurance but that is not up-till minimum requirement and if you get caught ,then also you will be fines heavily for not maintaining that minimum requirement of auto insurance coverage.

So its always recommended,to know your states minimum Auto insurance coverage requirement and purchase at-least that minimum requirement coverage,to be with your states law.

Iowa drivers must carry liability insurance for any registered vehicle. 
Like every other American state,Liability coverage is mandatory for all drivers in Iowa and your policy must meet at least the minimum state requirements.If minimum Auto insurance requirement by the state is not maintained,then car owner/driver can face problems like .... subject to hefty fines, Suspension of drivers licenses, individual liability and much more.

As per Iowa Department of Insurance laws it requires all drivers to have insurance coverage of at least 20/40/15. These numbers represent the minimum levels of insurance for bodily injury and property damage liability insurance.

To know about 20/40/15 read as follows :----

$20,000 bodily injury liability (accidents with one person).
$40,000 bodily injury liability (per accident for all persons).
$15,000 property damage. 

This are basic Auto insurance coverage,which every car owner should invest,to drive,take their vehicle on road.But if you look at this minimum liability Amounts demanded for Auto insurance coverage,then this amount is very less.This Minimum liability insurance coverage,hardly covers any major or bigger accidents.And this is very much known to the car owners and vehicle drivers in Iowa state.Due to this reason,they definitely purchase the Iowa states minimum Auto insurance coverage requirement,but in addition they also buy more beneficial Auto insurance coverage's.The coverage's that help them in case of major car accidents.

Considering that Iowa does not play a role within the usage of no-fault car insurance laws all car owners motorist are governed by tort law system for liability and if damages surpass your policy coverage you can (and probably will) be held individually at fault for the rest.Most Iowa drivers select insurance policies with enhanced levels of insurance coverage Approx $100,000 plus and get added forms of car insurance which include collision, comprehensive and possibly even GAP insurance for new car owners.

If you are now aware of No-fault insurance and Tort law Insurance system and want to know more about this terms,then check out the link details below :----

What is no-fault car insurance?


Tort Law Auto Insurance?


Basically car insurance rates in Iowa is very less,as compared to other states.
So it does not mean,that you just fall into prey of any Auto insurance providing company and buy any useless worthless Auto insurance coverage.Do proper research,learn and understand you Auto insurance policies coverage's.
There are lots of branded and local auto insurance companies.So instead of directly purchasing Auto insurance policy.Its advisable to Get Auto insurance quotes for few branded and local Motor insurance companies.
Then compare the quotes,provided by these companies.This comparing of quotes will help you to locate more cheaper and accurate Auto insurance coverage.So your policy purchasing benefit will be even more.
Also one more point,that many Auto insurance policy buyer, don't know about is.... that most of the Insurance providing companies offer secret additional discounts to their clients.But its buyers duty to ask for this additional discount.If you ask,you get,if not,then the executive dealing with you will get that discount as his bonus.All Insurance providing companies don't give away this benefits,but most of the Auto insurance provider give away this offers.They give this rewards to bind the buyer to their company.Its their way of marketing.

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