Where to fill Car AC Freon?

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The "Freon" goes in the low port. That is located in the line between the evaporator coil and the compressor. The evaporator is the coil in the dash. The port should have a screw off cap and is a snap on port with a "tire valve" in it. If the system has a sight window it will tell you when it is full if Freon. The sight window would be in the line between the condenser coil a the radiator and the evaporator coil. When the system is low on Freon, you will see bubbles in the window when the system is running. When the bubbles go away the system is full. DO NOT OVERFILL IT. Put the Freon in when the system is running, if it will run. If it doesn't run add some a little at a time until it does run. There is a low pressure switch that will keep it from running if there isn't enough Freon in the system. Be sure you use the correct type refrigerant for your car. There should be a tag or sticker on the system that tell you what kind and how much. Most likely the refrigerant is 134a.

I have to tell you that it is against the law to fill an AC system that has a leak. You must repair the leak before you recharge the system.
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