WiFi For Acer Aspire Notebook?

One of my regular client,he switched to Notebook from PC(personal Computer).
He was going to buy
Acer Aspire NoteBook model 5742Z-4200 (LXR4P02002) .
He asked me question, whether he can use WiFi on his Acer notebook model.Or does he need to buy external WiFi module.
Wi-Fi is another term for Wireless Network.
But Actually on Acer Aspire NoteBook model 5742Z-4200 (LXR4P02002) ,there is no need to buy any external WiFi modular.
It is a wiFi ready machine. You don't need any additional hardware to access a Wi-Fi network, in other words, it is a WIFI certified machine.

Hope this Info helps other readers too.

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