Car takes time to Crank and start?

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This problem is very much noticed when cars battery gets weak or its connections gets loose.Tight the car battery cables.
If tightening the battery cables helps but did not fix, you may need to take the cables off and clean all the connections. If there is enough corrosion, it causes enough resistance to lower the voltage. Take the connections off and clean the cable and battery with a wire brush. Apply a coat of grease and put it back together. If this battery is a post type there are cleaning tools that have a post cleaner and a brush the will clean the inside of the cable clamp. You can find there at most any place that sells car batteries. They are cheap and well worth having. If it is a bolt on connection you should be able to clean with a regular wire brush. Clean until all the metal is shinny. There are also some spray cleaners available. When you disconnect the battery, always disconnect the positive post first. This ensures that you don't accidentally touch the cables and cause a short. Reverse the procedure when you reconnect the cables. If this doesn't help, have the battery checked.This basic details will help.Thanks.
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